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Christmas Season has Officially Arrived

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2008 by Dan

I’ve never been overly sentimental but tonight, as a family, we set up and decorated our Christmas tree. (As a side note, Christmas is 26 days away. Are you kidding me?) It was the usual, “oh look at this!” or “I remember this ornament. We got that back in Maryland, or Kansas…etc.” I was going through the motions until I came across one that caused me to take pause:

The 24th time it has been unpacked and placed upon our tree.

The 24th time it has been unpacked and placed upon our tree.

Maybe I have paid lip service to the past couple of years but holding this ornament was a definite, “holy shit, I’m 24 years old” moment. This is my 24th Christmas on this earth and yet, when I say this to myself, it  doesn’t seem real or tangible.  Grown-ups are 24, not me.

I realized tonight that I need to slow down and take notice of the holidays and how special they are.  I love eating delicious holiday foods and desserts, traveling to see relatives I haven’t seen in months,  and shopping for my friends (I wonder what Mike needs in Iraq?) and family. It’s just…fun.

I’m going to work harder at slowing down and enjoying how great Christmas is.  I can’t believe I’ve experienced 23 of them already, they feel like a blur in retrospect.

As for the the next 24, I hope they slow down a bit, I’m in no hurry.


I am all that is man

Posted in Random on November 29, 2008 by Dan

So this Thanksgiving, my parents and grandmother left early in the morning to run/walk the Turkey Trot downtown. This left it up to me to prepare and properly cook our Turkey. It was something I had never done before and so, like any new project, I did my research. I consulted the directions on the back of the turkey, two cookbook, and my memory from a History Channel special about the history of the turkey that I watched the other night.

Thus, I covered our 13.5 pound turkey in a layer of olive oil, salt, pepper, and thin coat of butter and water. I set the oven at 325 degrees and tossed it in for roughly four hours.

The prepared turkey, an hour in.

The prepared turkey, an hour in.

After about four and half hours, basting it with butter and turkey juice every 20-30 minutes, the little indicator popped up telling me that it was “perfectly prepared.” I held my breath as it cooled but I began to feel better about it because it smelled delicious and there were no spots that looked overcooked or burned.

And man, I nailed it! It was succulent, juicy, and delicious. I received a great deal of compliments from everyone and I am now one step closer to being a complete man and future father/husband.

I am MAN.

I am MAN.


After dinner, I was treated to a football game which involved the Cowboys dominating the Seahawks. During the game I consumed copious amounts of beer and was pleasantly drunk for the evening. Big Dan came and picked me up after the game (which he got to attend!) and we snuck into the hot tub at our old apartment complex and soaked our aching bones. I came back and collapsed into bed, full of my turkey and Colorado kool-aid. A day well spent.

I love Thanksgiving.


Posted in Random on November 27, 2008 by Dan

I want to try this:

Thanksgiving Eve

Posted in Football on November 26, 2008 by Dan

*UPDATE* It’s halftime and the Titans are up 35-10. Will we get to see Vince Young in the second half?

Thanksgiving and football go well together. It’s tradition.

However, the Detriot Lions (I bet you said it DEE-troit) should be excused from the Thanksgiving lineup of games. The Lions are  0-11 this year and are going up against a Titan team that is 10-1 and regarded as one of the best teams in the league. Tomorrow is going to be ugly.

But this is nothing new, here’s the Lions’ record on Thanksgiving dating back to 2001:

2007: 26-37 L to Green Bay

2006: 10-27 L To Miami

2005: 7-27 L to Atlanta

2004: 9-41 L to Indianapolis

2003: 22-14 W against Green Bay

2002: 12-20 L to New England

2001: 27-29 L to Green Bay

They are 1-6 in the last seven years on Thanksgiving, losing by a combined score of 113-195. They’re not just losing, they’re not even competitive.

Tradition be damned, the casual fan who tunes in once a year to watch football should be able to see the best the NFL has to offer, not the worst.

Happy Thanksgiving, loosen up a beltloop and take a nap for me.