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Post Christmas

Posted in Random on December 26, 2008 by Dan

Christmas has come and gone and as always, it was an uplifting and enjoyable time. We did the Christmas Eve service at church and I was surprisingly (and truth be told, also relieved) moved by it. It was nice to feel a little more spiritual than I do on an average day. I should make a greater effort to attend.

My favorite gift by far was a blue tooth headset I received from my dad. I know I will look like a tool wearing it but I’m going to try and not wear it unless I’m actually talking to someone. But man, even two days later it’s just really nice to have your hands free when you’re talking to someone. I cleaned my bathroom and had a nice conversation with some different folks. It’s one of those things I didn’t think I would really like until I have one.

It was 79 degrees and I played golf today. It was windy as hell but I was wearing shorts and sunglasses. On December 26th. Are you kidding me? God Bless Texas.

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for a short day trip to Oklahoma City for a family reunion. My mom’s dad had 8 brothers and sisters and for the last 5o years or so, everyone related to them congreagates on the first Saturday after Christmas for an short afternoon of delicious pot-luck cooking and fellowship. I like visiting my distant family because they are a small part of me and have attributed to my current self. They are also amazingly pure and wholesome folks. It’s refreshing to be so welcomed by so many people.

The other exciting event is that on Sunday, around 9:30am, I’ll be lifting off for the beaches in Cancun for four nights and five days. I’m still trying to process how much fun this is going to be. Five days of sun, sand, and booze. I simply cannot wait! I’m sure there will be many good stories and pictures to share. I just have to not get too drunk and lose my passport and/or camera. Yeesh, what a nightmare.

I got absolutely shithoused drunk with our Kenyan neighbors last night. I left at 2:30 and I hear they went until sometime after 5am. I simply cannot fathom how those people, both the men and the women, can drink so much for so long. They are so jovial and hilarious too. There were probably 20 people there and my dad and I were the only white folks around but you never would have noticed. I think that’s pretty cool.


Posted in Random on December 23, 2008 by Dan

I have to work tomorrow and will be greeting all my wonderful customers with a delightfully tacky elf hat. They will love it.


It’s a little early for New Year’s Resolutions, but I know one goal I have for the new year is to try 365 different beers and log and report on them all.

Let’s be honest, I love beer. I love the taste of it, the frothy coldness of it, the warm feeling I get in my stomach when I drink it. I like light and dark, lagers, ales, ambers, everything. I have yet to come across a beer I didn’t enjoy.

So, in an effort to diversify myself,  I’m going to seek out and try any and all beers that I can and hopefully post a small review of each one I try as the year progresses. Hat tip to Jessica for the idea and possible future design of its separate blog. It will be a fun adventure.


I don’t know what else to say, it’s been a slow news day.

What’s the Point of a Blog if you can’t Post on it Drunk?

Posted in Football, Random on December 23, 2008 by Dan

Guy fucking Stinnet joined the United States Air Force on September 16th and I have not seen him since. Tonight, however, on two weeks leave, he was home and I got to hang out with my oldest Texas friend.

Like anyone who joins the armed forces, he is a quite a bit skinnier but also quieter. The structure and order of the armed forces is good for many and I truly believe it was the right choice for Guy but man, he is not the same dude he was when he went in.

Work was really, really, busy today. Many people needed new running shoes and I was more than willing to service them and not you, my reading audience. After a 9.5 hour day seemed like nothing, I am once again reaffirmed in my career decision.


So, most of you know the Maryland girl, AKA Kaitlin, is coming to visit me in January. We purchased a plane ticket yesterday and everything is officially official.

I have to figure out something decidely Texas to do for a weekend. This sweet young thing has never been to Texas before and I am determined to show her a good and authentic Texas time.  This will require some research.


I dont’ know what else to write. I am leaving for an epic adventure in Cancun on Sunday and I am giddy with excitment. Lord only knows the drunkeness and debauchery that will occur on that trip. I just hope I will make it back alive and well.


Cowboys win and they’re in. Fuck the Eagles, I hope we take that Rocky loving, Obama electing, coal mining state and kick it into a lay-off, poor folks, depression. McNabb went to the University of Syracuse. With a significant game to play in January he won’t know what to do but tire during the Super Bowl or forgot how to  throw passes to a hall of fame wide receiver.


I Have the Best Friends Ever

Posted in Random on December 21, 2008 by Dan

This is one of my favorite Tucker Max quotes and it perfectly sums up why I had such a wonderful, wonderful four day adventure into Houston:

The thing is: There aren’t that many great people on earth. By definition, most people are average. You can’t expect the world to teem with exceptional people, so you have to actively look for them, recognize them when they cross your path, and then engage them and keep them as friends.

I recognize that my friends like Evan, Jessica, Geno and Jameson aren’t just average people- they’re exceptional people, each worthy of my time and efforts required to engage them and keep them as friends. People this smart, sincere, hilarious, and just plain fun are not everywhere.  They are the exception to the rule.

Since graduating from college and moving away from most everyone from Southwestern I’ve realized that friendships, like most anything in life, take work. It takes a concerted effort from both parties to return phone calls, emails, wall posts. It takes time and money to travel several hours to see each other. These are not things you do for merely average people or normal friends.

My friendships constitute a large portion of my happiness. Knowing that there are people out there who get me like they do, who travel to see me and put up with my semi-racist remarks during football games is a comforting and enriching part of my life.

I have found several great friends through high school and college and I hope they are up for the challenge to maintain friendships as we continue to grow and travel farther away from each other. We are off to a good start!


I’d Lose My Head if It Weren’t Attached

Posted in Random on December 16, 2008 by Dan

In the span of a day, I have forgotten to pay my credit card bill on time (hello $25 dollar late fee), lost my glasses, lost my earphones to my Ipod, and misplaced my latest copy of sports illustrated. I guess I have other gifts.

This past weekend was great, got to work the expo at the marathon, see Jessica, run a crappy relay leg, and have a Stubbs special sandwich from Deliman.

Jessica defys logic. She is the only person out of the whole stinking marathon that exceed their expectations. 3 hours 16 minutes! For a first timer? Are you kidding me? I will forever and always remain impressed with Jessica from her podium of nutrition and fitness. Simply stunning.

The Stubbs Sandwich I spoke of contains eggs, sausage, bacon, two slices of cheese piled onto two pieces of Texas toast. It’s a heart attack on a plate but it might be the most delcious breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Maybe even more than the McGriddle, and that’s saying something.
I’m packing for my trip to Houston tomorrow! I’ll be getting to see Evan, Geno, Jessica, Jameson, and SaraBeth for an extended weekend! I’m already getting jittery about it. Who knows what will happen? A basketball game? Brewery tour? Drunken Balderdash? Regardless, I love that we can always have a great time without any set agenda. The spontaneous nature of our friendships are what makes them so terrific!

I’m watching “The Wedding Singer” with Adam Sandler and Drem Barrymore. I forgot how much I love this movie, despite its predictability and cheesiness. Comfortable background noise to pack to.

I’m sorry there’s no real focus to this post. I’m all over the place tonight. Oh well, life in the fast lane.

Ah, I love road trips and my friends.

The Internet Can Occasionally Make You Think

Posted in Random, Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 by Dan

Not being in grad school allows me a great deal of free time when I’m not working to surf the net. Occasionally I come across something more interesting than porn and today was one of those days.

While we were slow at work, I was checking out the posts of a blogger who is a part of Tucker Max’s Rudius Media network by the name of Ryan Holiday:

You know when you read biographies of people long since dead and someone says something like “it’s interesting how kind he was to his employees but was so cruel to his relatives” and you think, man I wonder if they ever questioned themselves about that. Or you read memoirs and the person sort of casually mentions how it took them twenty years to realize they were a workaholic or half a decade to figure out that they hated their life and the other half digging themselves out of that impossible hole.

I think a good, but unending job is to endeavor so that no one ever questions something about your life that you haven’t already fully turned over in your head from every possible angle. That you should never realize something about yourself in some momentous epiphany because you’ve institutionalized incremental reflection. The role of a biography is not to work out the problems that you’ve been living every single day because in fact, that’s what every single day is for.

The exercise then is to consider what a stranger would think if the facts were all laid out on the table. What would they question? What have you missed? Finally, what can you do now that would cut off their assumptions–to answer their doubts with actions and avoid the surprise of a cliché?

I don’t even know where to start with this but it is something for me to ponder during my next long run or long car drive.

What have I missed? What can I change about myself?

I hate cliches and I certainly don’t want to become one.

A Contrast of Faith

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2008 by Dan

Today a co-worker posed a question to another associate who is a pastor when he’s not peddling running shoes.

If I remember correctly, she was asking this: If God created women from the rib of Adam in order for man to not be alone,  in order to give him some companionship, why aren’t men and women more compatible with one another?

She then attributed this lack of compatibility, seen in unhappy marriages, divorces, pregnancies out of wedlock, etc., to “the fall” which if I remember correctly is when the woman ate from the forbidden tree and brought sin into the world, forever tainting our souls.

She framed this question by saying a lot of her married friends spoke of the difficulties of marriage they were encountering and that the relationships she has with her girlfriends are what she seeks from a male partner-but has yet to find.

This co-worker and I are are very similar. We are the same age, majored in the same thing in college, have been single for quite sometime but our thought processes and reasoning are completely opposite of each other.

Relationships and marriages would be so much better if we would only communicate with each other. We hold grudges and stay in unhappy, loveless marriages because we are too afraid or to stupid communicate that we are unhappy. How can you expect your partner to change or to treat you any differently if you don’t tell him/her that you’re unhappy?

On another level, it made me realize how little faith I have these days. I do not feel very spiritual and haven’t for quite some time. I do not like the idea that I am not in control of my life. The successes and failures that I encounter come about because of the decisions that I make. My happiness is not dependent on the whims of God, it is something that I achieve through my own choices.

And that’s what I believe in: the power of choice. We can choose to to treat others well or we can choose to be raging dickheads. We can choose to go to class or not and then join the army. We can choose the path of least resistance or push ourselves to the limits. My lack of long term relationships is not due to “the fall” of humanity but to a lack of initiative on my part and an unwillingness to do anything about it.

Even the holiest person would agree that God does not make our choices for us. However, if we truly are under the watchful and omnipotent eye of God, I find this to be his holiest and most sacred gift. One that should not be taken lightly. The person I am today is the sum of every choice I have ever made. I have no one to blame or to praise for my life but myself.