I had such a great time with Guy these past two nights. He came down with two of his airforce buddies, both of whom were named Mike, and we proceeded to show these boys a good ol’ time in Big D. Saturday night was the roughest considering the tab for five us exceed $230 without food. I ended up crawling into the back of Austin’s truck and passing out for a good hour or so. I don’t really remember getting home.

Jessica and Jameson continue to impress with their running. Jameson for almost breaking a three hour marathon on his first try and for Jessica turning in a sub 1:28 half. Just marvelous. When I grow up, I want to be like them.

I would have considered today a worthless day but I did get to finish another Cormac McCarthy book (No Country for Old Men) as well as finally, finally, getting to watch “Say Anything.” Both were an absolute delight and if I had gotten in before 3:30 the past two evenings (or mornings, rather), I would write more about them. Needless to say, both lived up to the hype.

I’d really, really, like to skip the month of March (with the exception of a trip down to the valley to see my Grandpa) and get to April. I’m growing impatient and I want to see her again.


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