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What’s the Point of a Blog if you can’t Post on it Drunk?

Posted in Football, Random on December 23, 2008 by Dan

Guy fucking Stinnet joined the United States Air Force on September 16th and I have not seen him since. Tonight, however, on two weeks leave, he was home and I got to hang out with my oldest Texas friend.

Like anyone who joins the armed forces, he is a quite a bit skinnier but also quieter. The structure and order of the armed forces is good for many and I truly believe it was the right choice for Guy but man, he is not the same dude he was when he went in.

Work was really, really, busy today. Many people needed new running shoes and I was more than willing to service them and not you, my reading audience. After a 9.5 hour day seemed like nothing, I am once again reaffirmed in my career decision.


So, most of you know the Maryland girl, AKA Kaitlin, is coming to visit me in January. We purchased a plane ticket yesterday and everything is officially official.

I have to figure out something decidely Texas to do for a weekend. This sweet young thing has never been to Texas before and I am determined to show her a good and authentic Texas time.  This will require some research.


I dont’ know what else to write. I am leaving for an epic adventure in Cancun on Sunday and I am giddy with excitment. Lord only knows the drunkeness and debauchery that will occur on that trip. I just hope I will make it back alive and well.


Cowboys win and they’re in. Fuck the Eagles, I hope we take that Rocky loving, Obama electing, coal mining state and kick it into a lay-off, poor folks, depression. McNabb went to the University of Syracuse. With a significant game to play in January he won’t know what to do but tire during the Super Bowl or forgot how to  throw passes to a hall of fame wide receiver.



This Team Specializes in Heartbreaking Losses

Posted in Football, Ridiculious on December 7, 2008 by Dan

It’s one thing to lose a football game. Sometimes, you just get beat. A team plays better than you, the mistakes pile up and you lose. I can accept getting beat.

What I cannot accept is the type of loss that occurred today, when the defense hung tough throughout the whole game, yielding only 13 points in miserable conditions. There’s Romo, dropping back with two minutes to play, only needing a field goal to win and…pick for six the other way. Game over.

This team likes to build up your hope, they makes you feel like they are putting it all together and then-BAM! In one feel swoop the rug is pulled out from underneath you, leaving a pit of absolute disappointment in place of that sliver of hope you once had.

They’re like the abusive boyfriend you keep coming back to. You don’t want to love this team, to root for them, to wear their gear, but they do just enough to bring you home and root for them only to pummel you once again.

How many times must I watch this team build a lead and then blow it in the fourth quarter? Why do they have to devastate the entire fan base and city? Can’t they just lose by the third quarter so we’re not made to suffer through this?

I guess it speaks to the talent  on this team. When they perform well, they can play with anyone and are a joy to watch. But then turnovers, penalties, boneheaded miscommunications happen and things just fall apart. Often during a last second interception or a freaking blocked punt in the endzone during overtime.

I’ll get over this and I hope the team will as well, but man, they had a real chance of beating a very good Pittsburgh team. It would have been a season defining victory. I guess we’ll just have to wait till next week.

I shouldn’t invest so much energy in this team but I can’t help it. I shouldn’t let a loss like this ruin my Sunday evening. I shouldn’t care so much. It’s just a football game.

But they’re my team and even though they will both lift and crush my spirits, I’m not going to leave ’em.

But man, this hurts.

The Cowboys and the Playoffs

Posted in Football on December 1, 2008 by Dan

Can I ask one question?

How in the FUCK are the Atlanta Falcons this good?

Isn’t their franchise quarterback in a Kansas prison?

Didn’t their coach quit 11 games into the season and promptly sign with the Arkansas Razorbacks?

Didn’t they finish 4-12 last year?

Are they not starting a rookie quarterback from Boston College?

But here they are, 13 weeks in, sitting pretty with an 8-4 record and threatening to bounce the Cowboys out of the playoffs because of a pinkie finger and the amazing ineptitude of Brad “I have more Super Bowl rings than Marino” Johnson.

The NFC South, home of the Panthers, Buccaneers, Falcons, and Saints has suddenly become the best conference in the NFC. If the playoffs started today, all but the Saints would make it. This is quite a turnaround considering only Tampa Bay made it last year and promptly got throttled by the Giants. The other franchises were mediocre at best, but I never imagined them being playoff teams. If it weren’t for the Cowboys miraculous win against Tampa, our playoff chances would be incredibly slim considering the Boys play the Steelers, Giants, Ravens, and Eagles to close out the season.

If the Cowboys can win three of these next four games, it would guarantee a playoff spot(an 11 win team has never missed the playoffs). However, I feel a 2-2 split is more realistic and unfortunately, that means they’re going to need help in the form of a collapse by either Tampa, Carolina, or Atlanta to finish out the year.

From here on out I’m rooting for Carolina and specifically, DeAngelo Williams. With any luck he can carry the Cowboys into the playoffs and me to a fantasy football championship.

But can I say this about the Falcons one last time?  Are you fucking kidding me?!

Thanksgiving Eve

Posted in Football on November 26, 2008 by Dan

*UPDATE* It’s halftime and the Titans are up 35-10. Will we get to see Vince Young in the second half?

Thanksgiving and football go well together. It’s tradition.

However, the Detriot Lions (I bet you said it DEE-troit) should be excused from the Thanksgiving lineup of games. The Lions are  0-11 this year and are going up against a Titan team that is 10-1 and regarded as one of the best teams in the league. Tomorrow is going to be ugly.

But this is nothing new, here’s the Lions’ record on Thanksgiving dating back to 2001:

2007: 26-37 L to Green Bay

2006: 10-27 L To Miami

2005: 7-27 L to Atlanta

2004: 9-41 L to Indianapolis

2003: 22-14 W against Green Bay

2002: 12-20 L to New England

2001: 27-29 L to Green Bay

They are 1-6 in the last seven years on Thanksgiving, losing by a combined score of 113-195. They’re not just losing, they’re not even competitive.

Tradition be damned, the casual fan who tunes in once a year to watch football should be able to see the best the NFL has to offer, not the worst.

Happy Thanksgiving, loosen up a beltloop and take a nap for me.