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Why I love the 40 year old virgin

Posted in Movies on December 1, 2008 by Dan

With having so much time off recently, I frequently started or ended a day with a movie from my small but thoroughly entertaining library. One gem that I had not watched in quite sometime was “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and what a treat it was.  The movie reeks of authenticity. Watch this clip, listen to what they say and how they say it. It’s similar to some inane argument you have had or overheard. The movie works because I can myself sitting across from Evan insulting each another and then moving on like it’s nothing. It’s the kind of movie that would still be entertaining even if you could only listen to it.

I think another reason I like this movie so much is because it is so easy for me to identify with Steve Carrell’s amazingly awkward character. While I may not be a 40 year old virgin, nor this awkward or inexperienced anymore, I vividly remember times when I would pace around my room, staring at a girl’s phone number, dialing it and then hanging up as soon as she answered. Or the terror and anxiety that grips over you in the minutes before you ask a girl out causing you to walk around in circles or stand in front of a door not wanting to open it.

Carrell’s character behaves in a way so similar to my own experiences that it feels like I’m watching a movie about my own sexual maturation: sad at times, frequently awkward, prone to droughts, relatively unsuccessful, but always and ultimately, very entertaining.